A wide range of alterations can been performed to make garments fit perfectly, no need to accept how the clothing manufacturers think we should be shaped. The most common alterations are shortenings, also very common are alterations to waists and hips and sleeves, whether it be jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers, shirts, or anything else you would be surprised at what we can achieve.

Standard Alterations:
Alterations can make the difference between a garment that looks OK and one that looks great on you. Our fitters and tailors have extensive knowledge about altering shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, jackets, suits, and outerwear. Our alterations are of the highest quality, but you can also expect the work to be done quickly.

Major Alterations:
The Orlin's Custom Tailors staff is extensively trained to perform major alterations including recuts (for coats and pants), sides and blades, as well as resizing dresses.

Weight Variations:
Is the health club membership paying off? Or, is living "the good life" starting to show some outward effects? Most garments can be significantly altered to fit when an individual loses or gains weight. Most customers are not aware of how dramatically clothes can be altered to fit perfectly after a weight change.

Altering leather garments requires special machinery that most other tailor shops do not have. Leather alterations available at Orlin's Custom Tailors include replacing zippers and adjusting sleeves, sides, and more.

Orlin's Custom Tailors has been reweaving (in-weaving) for 30 years. Reweaving can be used to repair small tears or holes from moths or cigarette burns. This service can extend the useful life of your garments after a mishap occurs.


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