Perfect Fit and Style Elegance does not depend on luxurious ornamentation and finery, but on the perfection of cut and fit. Orlin's Custom Tailor determine the perfect cut that is harmonious with your body.

Ready-made suits are cut from standardized patterns and a perfect fit is virtually impossible. Orlin's Custom tailor suits are hand basted and cut specifically to your body.

We offers a level of quality, styling, durability, service, selection and individuality that cannot be found in off-the-rack garments.

You'll receive the physical comfort and self-esteem that accrues fromwearing something made especially and exclusively for you.

Orlin's Custom Tailor also offers custom-made overcoats, tuxedos, vests, slacks, western style suits, women's suits and they shall even match your coat liner to your tie and socks. Undoubtedly, Orlin's Custom Tailor is the only master tailor who can fit anyone, regardsless of size and shape.

Also, we have a comprehensive collection of fabric books for your
selection. Our collection includes the fabrics from the world most
outstanding fabric
houses or mills, such
as Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Valentino Garavani, Scabal, Dormeuil and Holland & Sherry.

Many clients tell us the selection is so vast that they are
overwhelmed with the possibilities.

Our experienced tailor will help you to select the styles to meet with
your professional or social needs. If you need help in choosing
fabrics, he will help in this area too, often giving you advice on the
use of specific fabrics for certain types of garments.

We have a comprehensive collection of fashion books for your selection, also you are welcome to bring in magazine clippings, your own sketch or some garment you want the styles to be copied.

You will be measured and fitted by the same master tailor. He will cut your suit and follow the whole procedure until your suit is completed. When you are having a suit made at W.W.Chan, you are not working with a salesman alone, an expert tailor will also walk you through. We are sure you will enjoy the attention and
expertise we offer you.



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