Exquisite Custom Made Shirts

You can sharpen your image by allowing us to create your own exclusive custom-designed shirt for business, pleasure or both.

We will take 15 measurements and construct a precision crafted pattern especially for you.

Our exclusive French side seams provide a smooth, clean appearance. Guaranteeing the highest quality.

Choose from our huge selection of fabrics, over 500 in all. (Plus 360 choices in silk). Beck's uses only the finest materials available from Italy, Switzerland and England. Select a personal monogram from our large variety of both hand-stitched and machine styles.

Custom shirts are orders of 3 or more. We have many different styles for you to choose. Following styles are popular this days:

Orlin's Custom Tailor can make you different person with Elegant and masquline styles of your new shirts. Start a whole new day with fresh and new looking stlye. Your own way of fashions and styles are waiting here at Orlin's Custom Tailor.

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